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Delayed Send

How to Use Delayed Send

Delayed Send is a Microsoft Teams app that lets you schedule messages for later delivery.

How do I send a delayed message?

In order to schedule a delayed message, you can use the chat messaging extensions, the app dashboard, or the external website.

1) Chat compose extension

When you are in the desired Teams chat, click the Delayed Send icon below the chat box. This will bring up a popup view that lets you indicate what to say in your message, and when to send it.

2) App dashboard

If you open the "Apps" view in Microsoft Teams and select Delayed Send, you will see a Dashboard tab. In this view there is a button that lets you schedule messages. You will have to choose the destination chat, as well as the message content and delivery date/time.

3) External web app

If you prefer so, you can open  using your favorite browser. Once you login, you will see the same options as in the dashboard above.

How can I see, edit and cancel scheduled messages?

You can open the Delayed Send dashboard or web app as described above. There you will see a sorted list of scheduled messages, which you would be able to edit, reschedule or cancel as needed.

How much does it cost?

Currently, Delayed Send is completely free. In the future we will add premium features that may require a payment. Right now, enjoy the ride and, if you would like to support us, consider using our main app Priority Matrix for your task and project management needs.

Can I share some feedback?

Absolutely! Just send an email to  and let us know what you have in mind. We love feedback! Even if it sometimes hurts.